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It's going to be year in December since i visited this 'wonderful' country. So with a bit of nostalgia and regret that New Years is not going to be celebrated there, here's a photo recount of that extraordinary trip....

Wii in India, Bangalore

yippeeee! it is finally out there... Reliance Digital in Bangalore has the Wii. Console + 1 Wii Remote costs Rs. 22,000/- Console comes preloaded/DVD with Wii Sports (golf, tennis, bowling, boxing & baseball) Nunchuk is not available yet.... updates: accessories kit is available for rs. 2400/- , lesser if you buy it along with the console. Two different kits actually. Kit has tennis racket, wheel, baseball bat, golf club ( i guess you'll have to use the same for putting too :) remote jackets, charging station & rechargeable batteries. btw i got my Wii from the US of A. Had to buy a step down adaptor to use it ( where else... SP road). Never had so much fun with a console. Tennis is extremely addictive. Am losing flab too ( i like to believe that's true) remember if you're getting the Wii from USA will play only NTSC games and from the UK will play PAL only. India is PAL. I believe a working soft mod is available....not willing to risk it yet


just saw this picture on rediff..couldn't resist taking it..the article obviously misses the irony (yes, i am a confirmed nicotine addict :) here's the source

Chilli Vodka anyone?

Prithvi's mom's idea of weights brings new meaning to the spicy cocktail....

Word Twist

i've always been enchanted with word games. facebook provides an easy outlet with the multitude of available in particular 'word twist' has indeed been responsible for gutting valuable productive hours over the last few months :( while twisting and unscrambling and racing for victory over fellow enthusiasts i noticed that some words anagramized have a curious link to each other..could be just my over active imagination...listing a few here DIVERGE/GRIEVED SIGNAL/ALIGNS ALLURE/LAUREL PERISH/RESHIP CIRCLE/CLERIC MATING/TAMING AUCTION/CAUTION FIDGET/GIFTED me want to build facebook app too..on similar lines..anybody interested in helping me out? i even have name for's called WordSmart (smart choice eh?) more connections RENEWS/RESEWN CRITIC/CITRIC SWEATS/WASTES

Homestay at Madikeri

on the way..... sepia toned curvy roads serenity cottage coffee seeds..

Bangalore shudders!

The sense of outrage is overwhelming...why? why us too? when distant cities in the north of the country were being pounded by terrorist of various denominations and identities we Bangaloreans rested in the belief that it would never get to us..we were cocooned down here....NOT any more! today's serial blasts have proved that we are a soft target like every other city in this country.. one of the ministers (no less!) interviewed on TV stated that 'hardly two people died'..hardly?? have we become so inured to the fact that innocent people standing at a public place can be blown to smithereens with such impunity that we are not impressed with a low body count? really hoping that the police will wake up now and smell the filter coffee..where there is no will it is easier for the enemy to find a way!

Bangalore to Goa - And Back!

A long drive..something i wanted to do ever since i bought the car. Two years later it happened, a road trip to Goa! We started from Bangalore at 9:30 in the morning. Quickly getting on to NH4 (well there's something to be said about staying in the suburbs) we reached Tumkur in quick time. Here we learnt the first lesson of a road trip. Look at the maps beforehand. It HELPS! We missed the crucial bypass and entered the city much to our dismay. Snail paced traffic and narrow lanes slowed us down until we managed to get on the highway again..whew..that was a relief! We didn't stop again till lunch. Around 2.00 p.m very close to Davangere. A pretty neat resort right on the highway. Tanked up, we were ready to hit the road again. The roads till Davangere were a breeze. Speeds of 100 -120K (it's a WagonR. get real!) were easily done. I was adamant about going through Karwar. So we decide to take the NH to Karwar from .............. . Easier said than done. The roads became inte


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Taare Zameen Par

Stars on the Ground An incredible debut: Aamir Khan rocks! Taare Zameen Par is a movie that will make you sit up and notice, from the opening titles to the final credit roll, the 'perfectionist's' deft touch is seen everywhere. A simple story, crisply told, of a dyslexic boy, Ishant Avasti and his journey from being the “duffer" to "hero" and "darling of the masses". If I had one grouse with the movie, it would be this. You don't necessarily have to win, to be special! But given the nature of the story the director probably decided that he had to play to the gallery at some point... Ishant is the younger sibling in a Mumbai urban middle class family, living in a world all his own. He fails consistently at school and is constantly hauled up by parents, teachers and peers alike, for his inability to perform the simplest of tasks. What the world and his teachers don't know is that Ishant has a problem, dyslexia, a learning disability that mani