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Word Twist

i've always been enchanted with word games. facebook provides an easy outlet with the multitude of available in particular 'word twist' has indeed been responsible for gutting valuable productive hours over the last few months :( while twisting and unscrambling and racing for victory over fellow enthusiasts i noticed that some words anagramized have a curious link to each other..could be just my over active imagination...listing a few here DIVERGE/GRIEVED SIGNAL/ALIGNS ALLURE/LAUREL PERISH/RESHIP CIRCLE/CLERIC MATING/TAMING AUCTION/CAUTION FIDGET/GIFTED me want to build facebook app too..on similar lines..anybody interested in helping me out? i even have name for's called WordSmart (smart choice eh?) more connections RENEWS/RESEWN CRITIC/CITRIC SWEATS/WASTES