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Kalyan Silks Bangalore - Review

Kalyan Silks Bangalore...crushed in, hard to spot are the first impressions. The lack of space is obvious too, unlike their prolific jewellery store which has an expansive store further down on Dispensary Road, Kalyan Silks is sandwiched between a sports good store and a mall. There are 4 people standing at the door waiting to welcome you? unfortunately neither their demeanour nor actions or lack thereof are inviting. Since we were looking for silk sarees we were shepherded to the first floor. The shop assistants were cheerful and helpful, and the selection of sarees according to the gathered women folk were not too bad either. Did the constant branding on television sway their opinion? or was it genuine appreciation? can't really be sure. So, after hours of  debates and drapings the basket of woven silk headed to the billing counter. From here onwards, the experience spiralled downwards alarmingly. Despite the invoice reaching close to six figures there was never a mention, nah