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Bangalore to Goa - And Back!

A long drive..something i wanted to do ever since i bought the car. Two years later it happened, a road trip to Goa! We started from Bangalore at 9:30 in the morning. Quickly getting on to NH4 (well there's something to be said about staying in the suburbs) we reached Tumkur in quick time. Here we learnt the first lesson of a road trip. Look at the maps beforehand. It HELPS! We missed the crucial bypass and entered the city much to our dismay. Snail paced traffic and narrow lanes slowed us down until we managed to get on the highway again..whew..that was a relief! We didn't stop again till lunch. Around 2.00 p.m very close to Davangere. A pretty neat resort right on the highway. Tanked up, we were ready to hit the road again. The roads till Davangere were a breeze. Speeds of 100 -120K (it's a WagonR. get real!) were easily done. I was adamant about going through Karwar. So we decide to take the NH to Karwar from .............. . Easier said than done. The roads became inte