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The Shilpa Shetty Controversy

Ok. This would be a nice topic to blog about only because so many people would be searching for this tag. That! Without doubt is the greatest accomplishment of this entire hullabaloo. As the story unfolds, it’s fascinating to see the players jumping in to generate as much as noise as possible. I live in India; we don’t get the British Channel that’s airing Big Brother and are definitely not part of the 4.5 million that’s tuned into the show post the melodrama of the past week. Why are we up in arms? because a celebrity is also not protected against racial abuse. Come on! Racism is a reality in this multicultural globalized world. I’m reminded of a question I saw posted in a forum, the aspiring Indian student wanted to know from the moderator as to which of the American Universities were most tolerant to Asian students. Not which was completely rid of racist abuse, but which of the temples of learning was the least of the evils. The moderator surprised everyone with his answer, he said