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Stand Up Comedy

A genre that is not as popular as most ardent lovers like me would like it to be. The beauty of the stand up act is that it's one person holding everybody in rapt attention and eliciting constant bouts, if not a continuous stream of laughter, an artificial emotion. Why do I say that? What do horror movies achieve? At best, they scare you out of your seat. That’s actually easy, not the writing bit though (Stephen King is a personal favourite), because the most primal of emotions is fear. Humour on the other hand is an emotion of the civilized animal, something to do with the neo mammalian brain, apparently. Jackasses obviously do not count, because that’s only a metaphor. Seinfeld was the first stand up that I was very taken with. The little snippets the standup act that appeared before and after the TV series. One of my favourites, was the one about dogs, humans and alien visitors (watch it!). Then I came across Eddie Izzard, an instant favourite was born. The British cross-dresser