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Taare Zameen Par

Stars on the Ground An incredible debut: Aamir Khan rocks! Taare Zameen Par is a movie that will make you sit up and notice, from the opening titles to the final credit roll, the 'perfectionist's' deft touch is seen everywhere. A simple story, crisply told, of a dyslexic boy, Ishant Avasti and his journey from being the “duffer" to "hero" and "darling of the masses". If I had one grouse with the movie, it would be this. You don't necessarily have to win, to be special! But given the nature of the story the director probably decided that he had to play to the gallery at some point... Ishant is the younger sibling in a Mumbai urban middle class family, living in a world all his own. He fails consistently at school and is constantly hauled up by parents, teachers and peers alike, for his inability to perform the simplest of tasks. What the world and his teachers don't know is that Ishant has a problem, dyslexia, a learning disability that mani