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Madappa's Mess

This is a restaurant tucked away in between the busy streets of Gandhinagar in Bangalore. It's definitely not haute cuisine, but if you wanted a taste of the everyday gruel that most Kanandigas enjoy, it's the best place. Located on the road parallel to the national market road (can't recall the name now!), the name that most people know the restaurant by is practically invisible and is overshadowed by the prominently displayed ‘G M Boarding & Restaurant’. If you weren't looking for it you could mistake it for one more of the cheap and ubiquitous darshinis/fast food joints that populate the city and give it the go by. The walls are dirty and there is a large hall with three rows of 4-seater tables. You are encouraged to share tables with strangers, if you're group with less than four members, we ended up sharing ours with a constable taking his lunch break. Steel plates with rounded edges are already placed on the table. A server comes around with hot water whic

Vampire Cafe!

The most valuable attribute of the camera on a mobile phone is the ease with which you can whip it out at opportune moments and unobtrusively capture them for posterity. Like the picture on the left. This is real! and was taken at a cafe in Bangalore. I love these bloopers, always a good laugh. If you're straining to read it, item 55 under 'desserts' reads 'Blood Merry Ice Cream'. Now unless the place is frequented by vampires, i can't imagine mere mortals being interested in such gory fare. Idi Amin maybe or the infamous Nithari bunch? Have to watch 'The Last King of Scotland'