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Housewarming or Griha Pravesh or Griha Pravesham

TL;DR Simple answer to your query is; "Housewarming" would be the most appropriate English translation of Griha Pravesh. You can write it as one word "Housewarming" or hyphenate it to "House-warming" although the former is more popular. Original post below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Indians tend to ape the west. "OMG! Seminal thought you were going to say?" Let me give you one more reason why, while you rein in your sarcasm. We have two perfectly fine words to describe a momentous occasion for most middle class Indians, Griha Pravesh or Griha Pravesham, the auspicious day when one enters a newly constructed/renovated dwelling.. The Sanskrit root is quite obvious, with the "am" at the end for all people south of the Vindhyas. No, that wasn't enough for us or we thought the literal translation "Entering House"/"House Entering" was too drab, so

Misty Palms-Coorg-Terelu Village

Bringing in 2011 at Misty Palms, Coorg ( located in Terelu Village, South Coorg, at the foot of Brahmagirihills) It wasn't supposed to be this way. We had been promised a home stay within a coffee estate, a fishing trip and most importantly complete seclusion from the banalities of city life. Gypped by Spen who had the nerve to actually offer us ice cubes in a chembu (small pot) for use over the new year celebrations, what we got was a house on the main road between Hunsur and Gonikoppa. We refused! city slickers we maybe, idiots? certainly not! We worked the phones and found a home stay in Virajpet for a day. If it wasn't for the fact the place had already been booked for new year's eve, we would have continued to stay there. Working the phones again we found Misty Palms. Ravi who manages the place initially assured us rooms, but backtracked later and offered one room for the five of us! and the word 'adjustment' kept surfacing through out the conversation. He als