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Traffic Police (India) - Challan Rules

Who hasn't been stopped for imagined traffic violations and felt violated after the interaction with discourteous and uncouth police officers? The traffic police in India (specifically Bangalore) seem to fill their coffers and personally line their pockets by challaning motorists for real and imaginary violations . In most cases the motorists are not aware of the rules and end up enriching the police officer. That's why you've got to love RTI act, finally something to make these "upholders of the law" accountable.. i found the below post (source is the link given below) enlightening to say the least!.."The traffic police have to greet the motorist and be polite"!!! if i ever see or hear of that happening i will...i really will do something not expected of me..really! In the picture: 1) Police man rides with the helmet straps flying in the wind. Guess who's following the law for the sake of it! 2) A police constable rides with a hat and not a helme


just saw this picture on rediff..couldn't resist taking it..the article obviously misses the irony (yes, i am a confirmed nicotine addict :) here's the source