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Hampi Road Trip

Hampi By Road We had two possible routes, either through Bellary or Chitradurga. We chose Chitradurga. 9.00 p.m on a Friday night we were on NH4 headed towards Tumkur. The roads are great (especially the ones they make you pay for) all the way to Chitradurga. We covered Tumkur-Sira-Hiriyur-Chitradurga in pretty quick time. Then it was NH13, Belaghatta-Jagalur-Kudligi-Hosapete and finally Hampi at 5.00 am the next morning. This stretch is not very comfortable if you are in a small car and cramped for room. Stop by the Tungha Bhadra dam, it's humongous and right now brimming. In Hampi, hire a two wheeler if you really want to see all the temples and other monuments, or you could always cycle like the 'i'm so fit but want muesli and nutella pancakes' foreigners do... We stayed on the Virupuksha Temple side of Hampi and our fellow travelers on the other side of the river. We never did cross the river on those flimsy looking coracles..but hey there's always a next ti