Wii in India, Bangalore

it is finally out there...
Reliance Digital in Bangalore has the Wii.
Console + 1 Wii Remote costs Rs. 22,000/-
Console comes preloaded/DVD with Wii Sports (golf, tennis, bowling, boxing & baseball)
Nunchuk is not available yet....

accessories kit is available for rs. 2400/- , lesser if you buy it along with the console. Two different kits actually. Kit has tennis racket, wheel, baseball bat, golf club ( i guess you'll have to use the same for putting too :) remote jackets, charging station & rechargeable batteries.

btw i got my Wii from the US of A. Had to buy a step down adaptor to use it ( where else... SP road). Never had so much fun with a console. Tennis is extremely addictive. Am losing flab too ( i like to believe that's true)
remember if you're getting the Wii from USA will play only NTSC games and from the UK will play PAL only. India is PAL.
I believe a working soft mod is available....not willing to risk it yet


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info.

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