Search Console linking with Google Analytics - Correcting mistakes

I looked for an answer and couldn't find one and therefore decided to write this here.
If you need guidance on how to link your site in Google Search Console with your property in Google Anlaytics, go here
Although they say that data is available only for a 90 day period i see data going back for a much longer duration than that in GA. Anyone knows why Google is reluctant to make this public?

Coming back to the objective of this post, did you link the wrong site to your Google Analytics property and has it been like that for a while? Are you worried what will happen to the data if you delete the linking and create a new one?
Well the answer is that the new site data is available in GSC after about 24-48 hours. And here is the best part, the data is accurate for the preceding period (before the new link was established) as well!

Yeah, so go ahead and delete with abandon!


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