Metra Ride - Crazy experience

"To open the door or not open the door?".... "The man he was accused of killing and was sent to jail for, is alive" . The woman was sitting in the middle of the top deck of the train compartment. Oblivious to her companion travelers'  indifference she continued to spit out these non sequiturs. The companions were, relatively speaking, doing extremely sane things, one woman was reading a book on " Stress Testing "... One was working on a packet of potato treats like they were going out of fashion soon.. most of the others were aurally wired to their music boxes. Now she pulled out her comb and manically or methodically brushed the fringe of hair in the front... I was of course furiously trying to capture the various non reactions of the other passengers. " the next station will be....... " came the announcement over the train speakers.. "The next station will be what?!?!.. She exclaimed.. Surprising everyone with a bit of lucid observation.. The myth was shattered.. She didn't have a few marbles in disarray, may be she was bored with us the ones with fewer ones and hence had to keep talking to herself to fill the solitary unsocial silence that filled the compartment. The smile on her face was deceptive. Oh dear, she just reminded a few people to not leave their tickets behind... alert too. "Did I say"... she started again but stopped mid up folded her seat back into position picked up her bottle of water and left.


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