Google Nexus 5 - User Review

Like everyone else i was eagerly waiting for the Nexus 5 was prepared to hit the checkout button the moment it appeared on the Play Store and i did. I love to keep a lot of pictures, music and videos on the phone, you never know when you might be bored of all the other apps right? So i ordered the 32GB version, with taxes (Illinois) and the slightly more expensive 2 day shipping it was about 445 dollars. Given the specs the phone claimed to have, money well spent i assumed, and i'm not saying it isn't, yet...
Although the phone was supposed to leave the warehouse only on the 8th of November, it left much earlier and it was in my hand on the evening of November 5th. That's a neat trick Google, over delivery or rather early delivery will always win you brownie points
(Side note: I was moving from the Galaxy Note to this phone. Before the Note I owned a LG P500 which was my first Android phone. Both i believe were trendsetters, the LG P500 a great "value for money" phone and the Note ushered in the "phablet" era)
First impressions, unboxing was rather boring, the 'no frills' packaging i suppose is in line with the pricing strategy of the Nexus phones. But who cares how fancy the box is right? I do, but not to a great extent so we can leave that aside for now
Ok, So what were my expectations?
- The phone would be buttery smooth, performance wise - THAT it is, resoundingly!
- Call quality - Nothing wrong or different here and i wasn't expecting much. Although i do feel i could hear background noises with more clarity on the Note, not sure if that is a bad thing here.
- Screen & Colours - The resolution is really really good. The colours have the same washed out feeling that i normally associate with Apple phones. AMOLED colours are really rich, if you like will be disappointed
- KitKat (whatever anyone says, i strongly believe there was a sellout with that name) would make battery usage more regulated - Yes, can confirm that battery performance is really good!
-Battery Usage - I would have to say i'm a wee bit disappointed. Yes, it's only a 2500mAH, i'm aware of that. On the first day at full charge; couple of "not very long" calls, Maps/navigation to get to the train station (GPS or "Location" was always on), Maps again to walk to a new office, used networking apps , played word games, clicked a few pictures and it was down to 32% by noon. Was i expecting too much?
Update: Can go 12h -14 hrs without a recharge..finally!!
Continuing to monitor this to see what the pattern is...
- The camera i expected would be on par with other 8MP phones - The pictures (some examples below) are almost as good as the ones I've taken with the Note.

This review is "work in progress"... will keep updating


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