Making Pulao

So.. decided to start blogging again. What do I start with? Making Pulao!..Siby's coming of age blog post...
For many years I have believed that I am a good cook, without ever having cooked anything. Confidence eh? Ok that's not really true..I have keenly observed all the happenings in the kitchen from a very young age. As a kid whenever we visited Kerala during summer vacations , I spent an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen earning me a nickname that I will not publish. Me and sis started making tea and toasting bread at a very young age, fresh breakfast for dad when he took his break from work. So there you go, have keenly watched and actively assisted, but never really really cooked anything complex all by myself
And the best part, when you have lived at home all your life you don't have to!
So now's the time, to put those imaginary skills to test. MTR and their likes have made it easier for wannabe cooks to take baby steps in their culinary journey. So I started with Pulao, following the recipe on the back is really simple. Rice cooking instructions was from the first website on Google for precisely that query. Frozen vegetables is a huge time saver. Readymade pastes too. With all these shrink wrapped time savers you really start to appreciate two things a) the complexity and beauty of Indian/Asian cuisine b) Mom
Nothing other than love can make anyone slave away in the you mom for feeding me all this while...but I'm going to give it back good..just you wait :-)


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