LG Optimus One (P500) Bangalore

Yes! After a long wait i finally got my hands on the LG Optimus One (P500) here in Bangalore. It is available at Univercell and Sangeetha for Rupees 13, 200/-. Apparently it's available on Flipkart for INR 13, 000/-, (just in) it's available at Landmark for 12,800/-
My previous phone, the one that i'm gleefully abandoning, was the Linux based Motorola Rokr E6. Good phone, sure, but with age (three years is the equivalent of 75 in the cellphone world i would think) the systems were flagging and the battery was definitely dying. So, the leapfrog to Android 2.2 or FroYo based Optimus One
First the cons
- No Camera button. No Flash
- Night/Low Light Shots with the 3.0 MP camera is pointless
- Day shots look like below

- Not very responsive screen (capacitive). Sometimes takes couple of attempts to launch an app
- No "Swype" for text input. LG (not recommended) & Android Keyboards
- Poor sound (same speaker for conversation and music!!!)
- The bundled manual is replete with typos and grammatical errors. We can do a better job.

Now the Pros:

- Fantastic display resolution and a wide screen
- Speedy processor, no lags
- Bundled apps are pretty decent (except for bollywoodji, infant vaccination tracker etc)
- My favourite bundled apps AG Newspaper (Major Indian & International newspapers), Places (Find restaurants, bars, cofee shops near you), Navigation (GPS navigation), ThinkFree Office (Office application viewer & editor), Aldiko (Download & read books for free) Facebook and Twitter apps (really good!)
- Google suite of products and apps are their usual efficient useful selves
- In ear headphones are of really good quality and make up for the bad speaker
- Choice of 5 or 7 Home screens with drag and drop for applications
- NDrive - Navigation with maps for one country free. Fantastic app for roadtrippers
- Free WiFi for 2 months through OzoneWiFi. Can be accessed at CCDs

It's been less than 24 hrs and i'm really liking it. This is truly a 'paisa vasool' phone.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for your valuable info....
Anonymous said…
hey yup . its really gr8 ... i m loving it :)

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