Entrepreneur At Large

Yep! That's me. If you've seen the way that i've literally expanded since college, Infy's growth can't hold a candle to my efforts.

But that's not what i want to talk about, with this post i intend to chronicle my efforts at being an entrepreneur.
I've been an entrepreneur since 2006. The plunge was easy to take. You quit your job in disgust and say to yourself, i can do a better job than that idiot, what is the big deal anyway eh? with the blustering confidence and a small lump in the the bank and throat i set off to conquer the world, egged on and supported by friends and family.
It began well, friends helped us find our first few clients, for whom we offered to polish their writing. We started with the services listed here...www.wordz.in
I'm feeling a bit queasy now, will an investor at some point in the future read this and decide my fate based on this post? should i reveal all?


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