Bangalore Traffic - Life Lessons

1) Size Does Matter,

The bigger you are you have the greater opportunity and sometimes the assumed right to push every other smaller automobile out of your way. Having KSRTC, BMTC on the outsides or i-am- an-idiot-and-i-don't-care driver on the inside off course helps matters enormously

2) Speed does not matter

Yes, splurging all that money on the fastest transport you can get! wasted, completely. Whether it has 2, 4 or 16 wheels the fastest you can go within the city is very slow/hour

3) Rules don't matter

To a lot of people and therefore if you do like and follow them you are at constant risk of injury. ironical but yeah.

4) Money does matter

You can get away with murder if you have enough and are willing to make payments in cash.

5) Skills do matter

If you can call a cabbie's manouvering madness that! but it's evident that they and their brothers in arms the autorickshaw drivers have fathomed the chaos and devised a plan, everyone else be damned!


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