Mafia Wars - Advanced Strategies & Techniques

1) To Level Up Faster: Use a combination of fighting and "jobbing" to level up faster. Use skill points wisely and ideally to increase your stamina and energy. Health, Attack, Defense are increased automatically when you grow your mafia as well as when you vault collections.
Experience Points: Three ways to get experience points 1) Do Jobs. Check to see which jobs offer more experience. The ratio of energy cost to experience points gained is currently in favour of "Moscow" jobs. 2) Fight. Attack as many fellow players as possible. Dont get iced though. 3) Help with wars and jobs. Helping other players is actually useful because you get both money as well as xp
2) To increase your defense: Currently the combination of a gaff hook, camouflaged armor and jet plane seems to be everybody's favourite as the best form of defense, acquire as many of them as you can. Add more Mafia members (don't have enough friends who play?) just post your requirement at the various discussion forums on the Mafia Wars fan page or trawl through them and add the members you feel you can trust.
Do NOT install any application that promises "mafia high tech gifts" unlimited godfather points" "increase your mafia size instantly" and all that crap. It's just a ruse to get into your pants..ahem your friends list and their pants

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